Sad to be finished scoring a beautiful documentary…

Its a strange feeling for me to be honest as although I’m thrilled to have completed the work on Silent Music, I’m strangely sad to be finishing work on what I think is a really beautiful documentary.

It must have all along been very very odd for Melissa to be working on this project – one I know that she decided to make, but one that I’d imagine has grown and grown far beyond Melissa’s own expectations. And I have to say, from my own personal point of view, that I have grown incredibly fond of Melissa’s entire family as I have watched their very different personalities and stories unfold. It is a strong testament to Melissa’s film-making skills that she manages to convey each of their different characters with such a skillful and delicate touch.

As far as working with Melissa, I have genuinely loved working with her on her documentary. It has been very challenging at times I will admit, but I have relished these moments along the way. I personally, have learnt a great deal from this working experience which in some ways has been a far more valuable lesson to me, than had everything been smooth sailing throughout….

I really hope that this documentary is as successful as it deserves to be – it is an extraordinarily haunting story, one with great depths of emotion and great tenderness in the telling, despite the extraordinary obstacles Melissa encountered.

– Andrea Caro, Music Composer


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