Perspective From a Character in the Film

It’s no secret that the subject tackled in Silent Music is a very personal one…. that it touches on topics that many families would find it incredibly difficult to discuss behind closed doors, much less out in the open. So for those of you who may be wondering how my family feels about having this very personal portrait of them placed up on the big screen, I wanted to share some feedback that I recently got from my older sister, Tina, one of the characters in the film:

“It’s hard to be objective when so much of the film touches on things that our family would rather not think about and, much less, discuss…..but ultimately the message I got (and that you resolved within yourself in the film) is that sometimes secrets exist for a reason… The story line is more a portrait of you and your journey to understand the way our family communicates and how that ultimately impacts your own feelings about marriage and family life. The most important thing to note is that today… we are still a family, still love each other and as ever will do anything to help one another” – Tina Layne, Character in Silent Music


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