Oscar Award-Winning Director Alex Gibney has Gotten Involved – So Can You!

We are extremely excited to have the support of Oscar award-winning director Alex Gibney, who has helped us to obtain fiscal sponsorship for Silent Music. With fiscal sponsorship now in place, this means we can now easily accept tax-free donations to the film. This is a huge deal now that we are in the process of submitting the film to various festivals; preparing to do a professional online; and trying to capture people’s attention – amongst the many other things happening in the background! The only thing slowing us down at this stage is funding – so any help, no matter how small, will go a long way in ensuring that we put the highest quality version of the film out there and that we reach as wide an audience as possible.

For more information about how to make a donation, go to the “Contribute to the Film” page on our website: http://www.silentmusicthefilm.com/contribute.html or contact the Silent Music team at info@silentmusicthefilm.com. In return, donors will receive a credit in the film and will play an important role in ensuring that this labour of love gets the audience that we believe it deserves! If you’re unable to make a donation, you can still show your support by following us on twitter @silentmusicdoc; by making comments on our various blog postings here; and by simply spreading the word about the film to anyone who you think will appreciate it. If we can show that Silent Music has a strong family of followers, it can only lead to good things. So on that note… good things here we come!

Melissa Gomez, Director / Producer / Writer of Silent Music


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